KRWA: aggressively managing our water to make our valley community stronger

The Kings River Water Association and its member units are aggressively managing our water resources to meet Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) goals. To benefit the disadvantaged communities (DACs) in our region. To plan for the next generation of farming.

That’s led KRWA to embrace change. To learn how, please watch our new video detailing our work for a sustainable water supply now and for future generations.

Outsiders are trying to take our water

All of this forward-thinking work is in jeopardy. A neighboring water agency is trying to steal water from KRWA by exploiting a legal loophole. They want rights to water they don’t deserve. If they succeed, they’ll undermine water programs critical to meeting state mandates and guaranteeing that everyone in our region has access to safe, clean water.

If you believe California should stand behind support a smarter, sustainable water future, or want more information please sign up today.

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